Canaan Spa Hotel,
Mt. Canaan, Safed

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Located between Rosh Pina and Zefat, the Canaan Spa Hotel offers you the ultimate freedom ! The freedom enjoy, pamper yourselves and experience whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like it. Only in Canaan Spa can you take the time as you have always dreamed of: to eat when you wish, as much as you wish, and integrated one or two indulging treatments, to choose the workshop which interests you the most, to close your eyes and get away from everything…and all that according to your own choice. In Canaan Spa you'll find once again your real freedom.

The hotel has two swimming pools.

The hotel has 120 spacious quest rooms

Canaan Spa Hotel is proud to present a unique and exclusive culinary concept: Brunch from 7:30 AM to 15:00 without entry limits. So, if until today you had to wake up not exactly according to your desire, or you had to give up a pampering treatment in order not to miss breakfast – we are happy to introduce: The free brunch of Canaan Spa. From today on, you may enter the restaurant for a cup of coffee only if you feel like it, attend your treatment, enter again for a rich breakfast, go swimming and return in order to continue your breakfast… until 15:00. In other words – The liberty to eat…big time!

The Chef's word

"In order to grant your body the best foods, and fill it with health and positive energy, I have created for you a unique Canaanite menu inspired by the culinary treasures of the Galilee. You are invited to enjoy the pampering brunch and dinner menus, which integrate local dishes of home production, and make use of fresh materials only free of any preservatives, from fresh seasoning herbs, natural fresh fruit juices, special home-made pastries, and most important, as said… all these goodies are there for you to choose. Or as I always say, with Canaan comes the appetite. Hope to see you."

The chef of Canaan Spa Hotel

Between the pampering meals you may enjoy, free of charge, enchanting tea corners, which await you throughout the hotel, in the lobby, in the spa and in the rooms themselves where you have tea and coffee sets and an electric kettle at your disposal.

The hotel has a modern gym, wet and dry saunas and a tennis court.


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Canaan Spa Hotel, Mt. Canaan, Safed