Mount of Olives Hotel,
53 Mount of Olives Road, Jerusalem

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The Mount of Olives is a family run hotel situated at the summit of this historic mountain. All 61 rooms have bath and / or showers, a telephone, and comfortable beds. The majority of customers are pilgrims who come to be near the areas where Jesus lived. There are many churches and holy sites around the hotel commemorating the historic events of the Bible. These include the Chapel of the Ascension, the Garden of Gethsemene, the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, the Pater Noster Church, the Tomb of the Prophets, Dominus Flevit, and the spectacular Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Mary Magdalene with its seven golden cupolas making it one of Jerusalem's most distinctive landmarks.

The hotel is situated atop the highest point in Jerusalem. As a result, approximately eleven of its rooms command a dramatic view of the Old City. Indeed, it is fair to say that the Mount of Olives Hotel has the single best view of Jerusalem from any vantage point in the city. The most popular room is 317-318 which is surrounded by large glass windows. Past visitors have described their stay in this adjoining room as "a remarkable spiritual experience, as though you are sleeping in a helicopter overlooking the Dome of the Rock."
"A rather splendid place at the top of the Mount of Olives next to the Chapel of Ascension, 15 minutes walk through the Garden of Gethsemene to the Old City."

--The Rough Guide to Israel and the Occupied Territories

There is a Lobby lounge and WiFi  and internet connection in the lobby area.

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Situated at the summit of Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and overlooking the old city, this family-run budget hotel is surrounded by the holy sites referred to in the Bible.

Mount of Olives Hotel, Jerusalem